Philipp Otto Runge Stiftung
c/o Hamburger Kunsthalle • Glockengießerwall 5 • 20091 Hamburg
Phone ++49 (0) 40-52 98 23 81 • FAX ++ 49 (0) 40-428 543 409


Philipp Otto Runge Foundation

The Philipp Otto Runge Stiftung honours the memory of the great German painter Philipp Otto Runge (1777–1810) and his brother Johann Daniel Runge (1767–1856). Johann Daniel Runge financed Philipp Otto’s studies in Copenhagen and Dresden and paid the artist’s and his family’s upkeep during the years he spent working in Hamburg and beyond. This brotherly support facilitated the creation of a significant body of artistic work that paved the way for German Romanticism.

Continuing this tradition, a foundation was established in 2003 by Philipp Otto Runge’s great-great-great-grandson of the same name, in close collaboration with the Hamburger Kunsthalle, for the purpose of

The members of the board of the Philipp Otto Runge Stiftung are
Prof. Dr. Alexander Klar (chair), Dr. Sebastian Giesen, Hans Heinrich Bethge,
Dr. Petra Roettig and Ulrike Runge